Aldanel Authentic Products is a Canadian manufacturer of authentic concentrated tomato sauce based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We want to simplify your everyday life with our multipurpose sauces made with the finest healthy ingredients. It is also a way to make cooking experience fun and easy for everyone.

A Little Bit
About Us !

The President and Chief Executive Officer LAURE SOLANGE A. TCHAMDJA has always had a deep connection with women and family members who have to deal with challenges like having a career, providing for their families, being a perfect mom and taking care of everybody. She wants every family to open its own restaurant in its home and enjoy tasty, healthy and quick meals as much as possible with Aldanel products. As she says, "we all share the same guilt of giving junk foods to our kids and the same complaints of the spouse who cannot help that much when he is at home because he or she doesn’t know how to cook".


We believe that you don't need to be a chef to cook tasty meals. Without compromising the quality of your food, Aldanel makes you explore new and better taste at a low cost. Our company's ultimate goal is to offer unique and high quality products that set themselves apart from others in taste and value for delicious, healthy, easy and quick meals made at home.